Prosopis in Tanzania – First Woody Weeds INSIGHTS Brief Published

Prosopis has started invading in Tanzania and this INSIGHTS brief, the first in a series produced by the Woody Weeds project, provides background, implications for policy and management options.

Key messages form this brief:

  • The invasion of Prosopis trees in Tanzania is still at an early stage. Therefore, a national Prosopis strategy and methods to prevent further expansion of Prosopis and to sustainably manage it in invaded areas should be developed.
  • National and sub-national authorities should coordinate Prosopis management and make resources available for its implementation. Awareness about the negative impacts of this species should be raised among extension services and other stakeholders.
  • Established stands of Prosopis should be mapped and managed. Surrounding areas as well as areas bordering neighbouring countries with Prosopis invasion should be regularly surveyed and new infestations mapped and eradicated.
  • Building on the management know-how from other countries (e.g. Australia and South Africa), physical, chemical and biological control options should be developed for Tanzania to manage Prosopis infestations where eradication is not feasible.
  • Planting and intentional spread of seeds and seedlings should be prohibited. Animal consumption of Prosopis pods and seeds should be discouraged and livestock kept in a Prosopis-free zone for at least 48 hours prior to being moved to unaffected areas. Especially, the spread of Prosopis into sensitive ecosystems, such as national parks and other protected areas should be prevented.

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